The Isaiah Community: series of talks on Justice, Spirituality and Friendship

The Isaiah Community meets every Tuesday at 6pm in St. John’s at Waterloo and is a group of people who are “mainly but not only Christian, committed to working for a juster, fairer society”. See more under the who we are section of their website.

This spring and summer they are hosting a series of talks under the title ‘Just Good Friends?’:

“What links friendship, justice and spirituality? Can we have one without the others? How do we respond to global challenges in a local world? What good is prayer? You’re invited to a series of reflections at the Isaiah Community in April and May.”

Despite the slight ambiguity of the title, the contributers and the subject matter for some of the talks look very interesting. Note the discussion this evening on Prisons. If anyone has attended any of the sessions so far, or has anything to add about this series please feel free to comment below.

The talk will start at 6pm in St John’s Waterloo
73 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8TY



Tuesday 17th April: Rt Revd Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston. Friends across faiths? Justice, Islam and Christianity.

Tuesday 24th April: Mark Woodruff, The Monument Trust. Restorative justice – a new kind of justice?

Tuesday 1st May: Canon Giles Goddard, St John’s Waterloo. Who are our friends?

Tuesday 8th May: Dame Anne Owers, Chair of Christian Aid, formerly HM Inspector of Prisons: I was in prison…

Tuesday 15th May: Sarah Henderson, SPEAK Network. Love your neighbour: justice for an unjust world.

Tuesday 22nd May: Catriona Robertson, London Boroughs Faiths Network: Olympic Peace, a vision of friendship?

Tuesday 29th May: Revd Joanna Udal, Archbishop’s Secretary for Anglican Affairs: Ubuntu – I am what I am because of who we all are.

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