Brixton People’s Kitchen: This Sunday!!

I know its a little out our ends but its a good one.. From the project dirt website:


We think that sharing food with strangers is one of the nicest ways to spread happiness. And if the food …is free, and has been saved from going to waste, it makes it even tastier!

Inspired and supported by the wonderful People’s Kitchen (Passing Clouds, Dalston, East London), Brixton People’s Kitchen collects food surplus from local shops and markets, invites local people to cook together, and welcomes everyone to enjoy a delicious meal with each other.


11-12pm: Surplus Food Collection and Drop Off
12-3pm: Communal Food Preparation
2-5pm: Late Lunch

Please let us know you are coming:
Email or contact Fan 07810288879 if you would like to COOK.
Contact Camilla 07884418319 if you would like to DONATE FOOD

Location: Myatts Fields Park

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