Come over to the Gateway Centre today (it’s every thursday) from 1 – 2pm, all abilities welcome


New to the INTERNETZ? Or know someone who is?

Net Worx is a free and friendly workshop designed to help “n00bs” equip themselves to navigate the internet. The Gateway Centre runs sessions every Friday from 11 til 1, don’t be shy come along and learn how to use the web and connect with others.

Net Worx focuses on getting older people connected, on their blog they posted this video and encourage people to come along and have a go at making their own…

Tai Chi starts this Tuesday 1pm

All are welcome to come along on Tuesday at 1pm for a free class. Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese Martial Art, often practiced for its health benefits.

The following guidelines are offered by Yang Chengfu, son of Yang Jianhou, and are known as Chengfu’s Ten Essential Points

1. Straighten the Head. Hold the head and neck naturally erect with the mind concentrated on top.

2. Keep the chest slightly inward to help sink the breath to the dāntián. Sinking the chest also helps to round the back.

3. Relax the waist. All movements depend on the waist. A relaxed waist makes the two feet able to form a strong base.

4. Distinguish between solid and empty in stances. This gives stability and flexibility in movement.

5. Sink the elbows and shoulders.

6. Use the mind instead of force.

7. Coordinate all movements of the upper and lower parts of the body.

8. Create a harmony between the internal and external parts.

9. Maintain continuity. All movements are continuous in an endless circle.

10. Tranquillity in movement. Movement occurs while there is stillness inward.

United Artists – Call out for participants

United Artists is a new project aimed at over 60s. Over 10 weeks, starting on Monday 12th March, the group will meet regularly to collaborate on a large scale piece of art which will be publicly displayed in the area. If you want to get involved, or know of someone who might, give us a call on 02070214400 or drop in to The Gateway Centre on Lancaster Street.

Art with Jeff at The Gateway Centre…

…”Looking and doing art is good to take your mind off things” one student said.

“Computer games are a release, art is also a release. Art is like meditation. It is also a challenge and something to accomplish. You are doing something. You have been given responsiblity to do something. Purpose. Without purpose you don’t have motivation.

“Art is like any other subject – it takes work and commitment…the art classes here are a flexible proposition” says Jeff