Local residents’ scathing letter regarding the way they have been consulted over the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle

Or rather, the way haven’t:

(From the people over on Southwark Notes)

Dear Soundings

Re: Elephant and Castle Regeneration Consultation

We are writing to you because we feel that there has been a serious misrepresentation of the amount of affordable housing to be built in Phase 2 of the Heygate redevelopment during the preplanning consultation that Soundings has conducted.

At both the exhibition in February and the Housing Workshop on 29th Jan the local community was told that Lendlease would be submitting an outline planning application that would include 25% affordable housing. This has proved not to be the case; instead Lendlease will only be building ‘as much affordable housing as is financially viable….’ This is in both the Planning Statement and the Housing Statement (8.1.4). The planning case officer has confirmed that the 25% minimum is not part of the application.

We will not labour the significance of this – instead of a guaranteed minimum of 600 affordable homes this development, when complete, could have no affordable housing at all. However whether this is good or bad is not the point of our complaint – it is that local community has been given no opportunity to gives its opinion on the true proposals.

Pre-planning consultation is part of the planning process. A report on the number of meetings, attendance etc. is usually part of the planning application. This report should now state that the local community was neither informed nor consulted about the amount of affordable housing and this should be taken into consideration by the planning committee. As the facilitator of the consultations we believe that it is Soundings responsibility to make sure this happens.

Yours sincerely

Jerry Flynn (ex Heygate resident, Elephant Amenity Network member)
Peter Stevenson (Crossway Church, Heygate Estate)
Adrian Glasspool (Heygate resident, EAN member)
Mark Tubbs (local resident)
Paul McGann (local resident, EAN member)
Lindon Rankin (local resident)
Katherine McNeil (local resident, EAN member)
Steve Lancashire (local resident, EAN member)
Chris Morris (local resident, EAN member)
Celia Cronin (Balfour St, EAN member)
Liliana Dmitrovic (Peoples Republic of Southwark)
M Pathmnabhan (Rockingham Estate)
Peter Davis (local resident)
Richard Lee (local resident, EAN member)
Jon Dennison (local resident, EAN member)
Hector Castells (local resident)
Luke Miller (local resident, EAN member


Elephant and Castle final design exhibition

See the final designs for the new Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre due to open in 2014. The existing centre will close permanently on Tuesday 5 June. This is the final opportunity to comment on designs for the new centre (and adjacent 36-storey residential development) before planning applications are submitted. Related website: www.southwark.gov.uk/elephantleisure

See here for more details from the developers. 

See here for some questions the proposal raises from Southwark Notes

Waterloo Community Development Group General Meeting

Wednesday 21st March, 7pm

Waterloo Action Centre
14 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AA

Founded in 1972, the aim of the WCDG is to work with and for Waterloo residents to maintain and develop a healthy and sustainable community, for more land for homes and amenities such as shops and open space, for the benefit of present and future generations.

WCDG offers advice and support to individuals and organisations on development proposals and planning applications.

WCDG holds public meetings every 6 weeks to consider development proposals and other projects.

WCDG is based in the Waterloo Action Centre building.

Web: www.wcdg.org.uk

Borough and Bankside Community Council: Tuesday 13th

Learn about local projects and talk to your councillors and neighbours.

This is the penultimate meeting of Borough & Bankside Community Council in is current form before a planned merger with Walworth Community Council. There will be a discussion about the changes

Find out about the Olympics and Paralympics and their impact on the area.

There will also be a presentation on the council’s new draft Open Spaces Strategy.

7pm Tuesday 13th March at St. George the Martyr in Borough